Conflict Zones at Insitute Francaise de Maurice for the International Artists Workshop 2019 at the Partage Museum (5-20 April 2019)

“Conflict, an ever present process in human relations, seems to be the main basis of violence and ultimately war. Hence, no society is immune from this epidemic, this   contamination. Greed, hatred, power, ignorance, inequality, poverty, the sense of superiority in terms of color, religion and nationality make the most rational minds unreasonable and quickly give way to violence. The most peaceful countries can turn   to hell at any time.”

pARTage invited a group of local and international artists to reflect on the topic of conflict, violence and war, a source of so much pain and despair in many parts of the world. Artists were encouraged to explore different connotations of conflict, their source and their consequences. The workshop which took place from 5- 20 April 2019, culminated in an exhibition which took place at the Institut français de Maurice in Rosehill, Mauritius. The works on show included drawing, painting, sculpture, performance and video whereby the participants translated their creative responses to the theme of the workshop, and their experiences of Mauritius.

Curatorial team
Vandita Ladkoo (Mauritius), Nicola Ashmore (UK) and Pauline Burmann (Netherlands)

International Participants
Sue Kneebone (Australia), Heleliis Hõim (Estonia), Haji Chilonga (Tanzania), Ayesha Akbar (Pakistan), Rodney Dickson (USA), Magda Fabianczyk (Poland/UK),  Nidhi Agarwal (India), Ike Francis kingdread (Nigeria), Vanii Suki (Madagascar), Sarojini Lewis (Netherlands), Andrea Brandao (Portugal), Hasawa Warren Aum Skipyta (Reunion Island), Cebo Lunga Mvubu (South Africa),  Nontobeko Sylvia Peyi (South Africa), Saneliswa Maxengana (South Africa), Nkosazana Veronica Betani (South Africa, Danny Sopha (Seychelles), Robert Alexis (Seychelles), Steve Francois Marie (Seychelles)

Local Participants
Rishi Seeruttun, Ibtisam Tegaully, Jennifer law, Julien Ratinon, Kaviraj Poonith, Laetitia Lorre, Meekshuma Nayeck, Pamela Sunnee, Runveer Rawoo, Savita Tupsee, Nirmal Hurry, Nirmala Luckeenarain, Nalini Gopaul, Veemanda Curpen, Gerard Foy, Krishna Luchoomun, Sultana Haukim