Nothing To Commit Records (NTCR) is a research and publishing platform committed to the production and expansion of knowledge related to contemporary art, literature and music within and across the global South.

Founded and under the artistic direction of Bhavisha Panchia, NTCR operates as an online platform, record label and publisher. The project is dedicated to working with writers, artists, composers, curators, musicians, programmers and DJs to encourage dialogue and collaborations between practitioners and institutions globally. One of its aims is to facilitate the production, circulation and reception of contemporary practices from within the global South.

One of the platform’s more directed concerns is dedicated to exploring the social and ideological signification of sound and music to rethink the social, spatial and geopolitical.

It serves to expand on existing cultural artifacts, to not only recuperate neglected histories and cultural heritage, but also as a means to producing an archive for future consideration and exploration.