Title: Notes on Cuts 
Artist: John Peffer 
Date: 2023
Edition: 250 

12" Standard Weight Black Vinyl Record
Side A, endless loop
Labels - (B&W) - white OFFSET/uncoated stock
12" Vinyl Jacket - 350gsm Board w/6mm Spine
Reverse Side Printing
12" LP Booklet: 48pp - 4/4 - 120 GSM Offset - Thread Bound
b/w and colour reproductions
Copy Editing: Tracy Murinik
Design: Gabrielle Guy
Language : English

Title: Cast 
Artist: Geraldine Juárez 
Date: 2021
Edition: 100

Label illustration by Jaime Ruelas

12 inch vinyl record, transparent blue without extruder, PVC bag with flap 


Edition: 10

Black 5-panel cap with stitched embroidery