Artist: Chino Amobi
Title: Paradiso
Year: 2017
Label:  UNO NYC / NON Worldwide
12” Gatefold LP

Artwork by Free at Last


Chino Amobi issues his debut album Paradiso on UNO NYC & NON Worldwide. Stepping out from his role among the founders of NON, Chino paints the landscape of Paradiso, an LP both deeply personal and widely collaborative. Interpreting the modern world from his uniquely African diasporic lens - Chino embarks on a utopian land, detailing men, women, political and cultural implications in song. The album features many members of the NON collective as well as wider allies among the UNO camp and beyond, in addition to leaning heavily on his vocal roots.

The artists' journey covers an odyssey since his 2015 EP Anya's Garden, after which Chino performed at MoMA New York, CTM festival Berlin, C2C Turin, VIA festival, BEMF, Ableton Loop - as well as released 2016's Airport Music For Black Folk and graced Adult Swim's covetable Singles series.