Imagine you’re in a museum. What do you hear?
Sound work, 33 min.

Presented at ‘Tracing Fractures: Across listening, movement, restitution and repair’, 12 February 2020 Centre de la Vieille Charité, Marseille.

Final mix: 344 Studios, Sudhir Misra

Listen here
Imagine you’re in a museum. What do you hear? is an audio collage that weaves together disparate musical tracks, extracts of interviews, speeches and audio notes as listening provocations that speak to the affective resonances of dislocation and dispossession of land, people and (im)material culture.

Can we listen to systems of colonial modernity and its extractive and accumulative logics? The museum speaks with a voice filled with the grain of a quiet authority; so do the institutions that care for fragile archives. How can we listen to the acoustic impossibilities of objects housed in these institutions? Whose voices are we listening to as we move through a museum? Whose voice do we hear when we encounter these objects and archives? 

Photo: VOST Collectif 

Photo: VOST Collectif