Artist: Julio César Morales, Eamon Ore-Giron
Title:  Dilo! Re-Mix Project
Year: 2003
Publisher: Peres Projects, Los Angeles / Berlin
12” LP


Cuban born pop orchestra leader Damaso Perez Prado is best known for his musical innovation, “The Mambo”. He introduced the Mambo sound to the Havana club scene of the 1940s and later took it to the world when he relocated to Mexico City. Throughout the fifties and sixties Prado continued to explore and expand the vision of Mambo by experimenting with Dengue Mambo (Urban Sounds) and Mambo Rock (Psychedelic//Hard Rock).The exhibition is titled after his trademark yell, “Dilo” which functioned as a “cue” for his orchestra to end, begin, pause and change tempos within the performed song.

Julio Cesar Morales’ work has been inspired by the music of Perez Prado and the exhibition will feature recent works including “Exotic re-Mixes”, a video and film compilation, and a sound booth where visitors will be able to burn their own mixes with Perez Prado’s albums. A limited edition audio CD and vinyl LP entitled “Julio Cesar Morales vs. Damaso Perez Prado” (done in collaboration with Eamon Ore-Giron) will also be published on occasion of this exhibition.