Artist: DJ Lengua, EP 
Year: 2008
Label: Club Unicornio
12” LP


LENGUA is the sonic manifestation of visual artist Eamon Ore-Giron. Throug a dense concoction of electro-cumbias, boleros, and banda, DJ Lengua manages to evoke a fusion of sounds that are in a class of their own. As a pioneer of the so- called ‘new’ cumbia movement LENGUA has released numerous LPs and internet mixes that celebrate under-recognized Latin American genres while simultane- ously pushing the sound forward and ex- panding the possibilities of what a genre can represent.

A1  Mi Camino
A2 Cumbia Squares
A3 L Dolor
A4L Pacheco
A5 Tope

B1 L Pacheco's Cumbia Square (Remix)
B2 Lowrider Mambo