Artist: XUXA Santamaria
Title: ChuCha Santamaria y Usted
Year: 2008-2012
Label: Young Cub Records
12” LP


Stemming from the idea that Caribbean immigrants found shelter for their at times distressing and difficult situation in the glittery and seemingly-plastic folds of popular dance music Sofia Cordova in collaboration with her partner and fellow artist, Matthew Kirkland,created an eponymous concept album in an attempts to participate in that tradition. The content of ChuCha Santamaria y Usted ranges from abstract impressions of Cordova's experience of 'coming to America' to engaging with the history of Caribbean colonization from 1492 (with the “discovery” of her native Puerto Rico by Christopher Colombus) to today. Songs from the album (accompanied by music videos) are housed in the installation,Baby, Remember My Name, which also serves as the home of heavily manipulated family photographs, paintings, and other ephemera typically associated with the stereotypic Caribbean performer, who in this project serves as a stand in for the multifaceted and marginalized identity of the Caribbean immigrant.